Three Stories- How Dove Defines Beauty

Story 1: Mom’s & Daughters

This story would sort of be a play off of one of the commercials Dove has already made, where an artist draws two images of a person, one based on their own opinion of themselves and the other based on other people’s interpretations of them. What makes my idea different though is, instead of using random people, the artist conducts the same process on the way mothers and daughters describe each other’s appearances, as well as their own. I feel this could be a touching storyline for a Mother’s Day commercial/ Youtube campaign. The issue at hand is that women are typically hypercritical of their appearances, and tend to view themselves in a negative light. By using the mothers and daughters I feel like the stories behind these relationships will also unfold, thus telling an emotional and genuine story of the love mothers and daughters have for each other. It will also allow these women to see themselves in the perspective of the person that loves them the most. The setting would be similar to the setting of the original line of commercials- in a loft sort of apartment, open, airy and natural. This tone and story will ultimately portray Dove’s brand message which is a beauty product that helps women embrace their own natural beauty. (This campaign would advertise the soap).


Story 2: Dive Into Beauty

Through this storytelling campaign, Dove will dive into women’s beauty standards- literally. Women will be given a selection of swimsuits based on their description of their body type versus a swimsuit based on a professional’s opinion of their body type, then will compare results at a beach or public pool. Women will be interviewed on how they feel about wearing swimsuits, how they feel about their bodies, etc., then they will go swim with the two separate swimsuit options to compare thoughts further. The problem many women face today is the unrealistic beauty standards of women portrayed in the media. Minorities are underrepresented and women ultimately feel less beautiful based on what they think beauty is. The resolution of the story will result in the women feeling a sense of empowerment by being put in swimsuits that not only suit their bodies, but make them feel more beautiful. The tone will remind women that they should love their bodies no matter what shape or size or color, because all are uniquely beautiful. (This campaign would advertise the deodorant).


Story 3: Wishful Thinking

The last message would be an interview process among girls/women who choose one feature about their body they wish to change, they will then be partnered with a girl who has that feature, then the girls will share their opinions of each other. The conflict here is that these girls and women are wanting features that they do not have, while simultaneously disregarding their own natural beauty. By partnering them up with girls that look the way the other wants, they will ultimately realize that their beauty is just as valuable as the beauty they wish they could have. The setting would be outside in an open park, with a mirror and chairs being the only things out there. This interview process would particularly focus on having a diverse group of women, and how these women’s diversity affects their lives and careers. The end will result in reminding women that they are beautiful in their own skin, and they shouldn’t be afraid to love themselves for who they are, rather than critique their bodies for what they are not. (This campaign would advertise the body-wash).


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