The Game Plan- Transition

The first time I went to California, I met a man who has spent his life passionately and successfully being a writer. Him and I went into an in-depth conversation about how to stay inspired, stay sharp and stay connected to creative writing abilities. This brilliant man gave me the brilliant idea to practice my writing by creating a blog called Unguilty Pleasures– a documented hub for all of my crazy thoughts.

In order to keep up with my blog, I have decided that I want to transition the blog to becoming a place I can just write blog posts about my daily life. I want to showcase my art and poetry, and just bits about who I am and what I want to become. I want to document my transition from becoming a junior in college to becoming a senior in college, then graduating, then my steps after that.

Maybe one day these blogs will become vlogs, but until then I am excited to see where this blog journey takes me.

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