Summary of Learning

What I have gained throughout writing all of these blogs is that I have consistently challenged myself to put myself into everything I have created. Even the video assignment, which I dreaded, still allowed me to exercise my creative muscles and make the assignment relatable to my current life.

My favorite blog that I wrote is the one called My Comfort Zone. I was feeling particularly creative that evening, and I was pleased with my explanation of my current environment.

My least favorite blog is the one where I made the crappy video of myself drawing a toilet and displaying it as a tutorial for drawing Donald Trump. It was late and rushed and silly and that’s why I am not linking it here. . .

Keeping up with a blog has always been enjoyable for me. When I was a freshman I took advanced Intro to Mass Media and that’s where I began my relationship with wordpress blogging. It was fun for me to do it again this semester. My fear for the future is that I will not be disciplined enough to post regularly since I don’t have the pressure of an assigned blog being due; I will try my best though.

It’s been fun, and I hope that if anyone else ever actually reads my blog, they’ll enjoy it too.

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