Brand Research Analysis for Dove

The following are questions posed by my professor, Adam Croom, and answered by me, Hannah Dennington, about my brand research for the brand of my choice. I chose Dove. Here are my findings: 

  • Why does the business exist? This brand exists to provide women with mild beauty care products, while also shedding light on the skewed perceptions women have on their appearances due to the beauty standards of women in the media. 
  • Do you know the business history? Dove’s first big selling point was in the 1950s, where Dove was able to say that their soap “creamed” skin. The language sounds weird today, but they portrayed the soap as being light and enjoyable because of its smooth lather. Then in 1980s, the message sort of switched and the push was about how Dove’s smooth formula keeps skin moisturized more in comparison to its competitors. However, in my opinion the most recent years of Dove advertising have been their most successful. Dove is now portrayed as a light and mild skin care product that allows women’s natural beauty to shine through. The way Dove captures this is by conducting numerous storytelling brand messages that use real women’s stories, which begin with the women being disappointed with their body image, and end with the encouraging empowerment that they are their own kind of beautiful. This campaign is spread among commercial and social media advertising.
  • Who are your main characters? The Dove brand was founded by the Lever Brothers in 1957. The brand objective has always been focused towards pure moisturizing cleanliness, touchable skin and natural beauty; therefore, in promising these qualities to consumers, the brand also ensures confidence as a consumer benefit.
  • What is your company mission? The company’s purpose is to provide a clean and simple beauty to product to women to encourage them to express their natural beauty. The brand has been very successful at conveying this message in a positive way in recent years, and I am eager to see where it continues in this direction. 
  • Can you identify the core brand values? I think the biggest core value that Dove portrays is that beauty comes from within. This can be summarized by some example copy they’ve used in their campaign, such as “#MyBeautyMySay” or “beauty is a state of mind.”
  • How do the customers feel? To me, it’s not about the soap. (Not that the soap is bad or anything because it’s not). But it’s about spreading a positive message to women in a creative way that also benefits the economy. The actual customers of this product feel empowered and more comfortable in their own skin, which I think is more valuable than any bar of soap. 

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