Beginning Stages of Transitioning

So in order for me to kick off my transition from class assignment blogs to daily life blogs, I need to have some sort of special gesture to officially begin my new blogging style.

I have decided that I want to make either an infographic or a print campaign showcasing my art/design style. I think the infographic would be more interesting, but the execution on that is still in the works… As for the print campaign, I feel like that might be too straight-forward of an approach, but would be more easily executable. TBD on which path I choose here.

My main ideas for the actual subject matter of my work, I want it to be abstractly inspired by my personal symbol: the dragonfly. Dragonflies are symbols of change and evolution, so in the spirit of my blog transitioning, I think it ties in perfectly. This will also allow me to place a call-to-action about my Instagram account debonair_dragonfly_, where I showcase my art and designs, as well.

My ideas are all still a work in progress, but I am eager to have a new outlet for my own creativity and inspiration. I am humbled to have the opportunity.

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